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What's On with Shauna Teaken

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Live Classes and Telecalls Around the World!

"How to Have A Happy Mouth and Be Youthful Too" - Shauna talks about Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry and how it not only can banish decay, regrow teeth and gums, but "Youth" the body. Download the audio here

" How To Be a Healing, Hyper-Aware Hedonist" Join Cathleen  and Danielle  of the Dances with Consciousness radio show as they interview Shauna


Shauna is the worldwide coordinator for Happy Mouth Generative Energetic Dentistry - a revolutionary system of dental health developed by dentist Dr Tom Kolso.

You can find out more about Happy Mouth here at Your Happy Mouth.com including free audios.

What if you could re-grow teeth as needed?

Banish plaque and tooth decay?

Restore receding gums and bone?

The Access 3 Day Body Class...

Sydney, Australia  August 25-27th
Adelaide, Australia  September 15th-17th
Brisbane, Australia - September 8th - 10th

Phoenix, USA October 6-8

Rio, Brazil November 10th -12th

Tokyo, Japan, February 2018

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Access Bars® Class

Become a certified Bars Practitioner in this one day class.  Gift and receive bars twice.  Change your life in a day... if you choose too!

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What comes after Bars?

Access ~ The Foundation

These classes will help you to understand why you feel so different, why it seems like no matter how hard you try you don’t fit, and to discover the gift you are, just as you are.

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Bars Gift and Receive ~ Weekly Recurring Events

When: Wednesdays at 10am, Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 1pm

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Get Postcards of Inspiration from Shauna's Island Direct to Your Inbox