What's an Urbane Mystic?
Urbane: sophisticated,
elegant, cultivated, or enjoys the finer things in life.
Mystic: One who seeks to know more by contemplation of the mysteries of life

How do these seemingly paradoxical things go together?

The more people I meet as I travel around the world, the more I realise there's a new style of person emerging, who have certain things in common.

They tend to:

  • share a caring and concern for the earth, nature and quite often animals.
  • admit to often preferring time alone, away from the noise and cacophony of modern living
  • are often the 'seekers' who seek out different philosophies or ideas through books or classes
  • often dabble in natural therapies, are natural therapists of some kind or desire to be alternative healers.
  • may sometimes be labelled (or label themselves) as anxious, sensitive or (even HSP) or maybe see themselves as a bit weird or different.
  • In addition they may have repetitive health/money/relationship 'issues'

These people have creativity, awareness and insight in bucket loads. They are a kind of modern day mystic.

Modern day mystics sometimes have self-doubt and a sense of not being quite right or good enough, even though they may be successful and well thought of.

Paradoxically, Urbane Mystics also see the value of modern living and the 'finer things' in life. They may be strongly entrepreneurial, too, and appreciate that the purpose of money is not only to have fun, but the capacity it gives to bring about change for others.

For a long, long time, it has not been ok to be 'spiritual' and be seen as 'materialistic'.

You're supposed to do without, only have your share, and overcome your base bodily desires.

You're an Urbane Mystic if get that it might just be possible to create a future where the Earth is not used up and trashed but is cared for and valued, where consciousness is valued and expanded everywhere at all levels of society across the world; with each person having the possibility of doing what brings them happiness. 

I've created the group Urbane Mystics to be an invitation for people to turn what they think of as their sensitivity, their different-ness or unwillingness to fit in with the rest of the world into. We have a closed Facebook group - it's by invite only if you'd like to join, we'd love to have your contribution. I post videos from around the world as I travel, and from my own backyard when I'm at home in Brisbane, Australia and we love to hear from you!

About me - I've had over 20 businesses in the last 40 years - from teaching aerobics, being a massage therapist, running my own natural therapies centre, yacht charter, book shop, printing and more - I've been a seeker and student of just about everything - spirituality, natural therapies, archaeology. I've bought and sold real estate, worked as a psychic, run meditation groups.

I like to drink out of the good crystal, eat with the good silver off the good china and use the best table napkins every day. I'm not keeping anything for 'best'. I like the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair - and since I was 20, I've created my life to give me the time to do that. I'm a self-confessed hedonist of magnitude.

Here's the next series:  Starts Friday April 13th.


A Free Zoom - Confessions of a Hedonist - Stop Worrying & Start Enjoying Being Gloriously You.  You can watch the replay here

What if you could turn all the things you think are your weaknesses, downfalls or repeating patterns into a life you actually enjoy - doing whatever it is you dream of doing, bringing change, healing and consciousness to the world in ways that support you?

A Hedonist is someone who chooses pleasure over pain, ease over struggle - when you do this, life starts working for you in seemingly magical ways.

You get to choose what you'd like to be doing, having and being. In work, relationships, health - all areas.

Join me in a free Zoom where will clear whatever points of view, limiting beliefs or patterns don't allow you to flourish, blossom and grow like the beautiful, possibly slightly crazy, exotic bloom you truly are.


We'll have a Zoom once a month on topics as diverse as Being an entrepreneur with a difference; Time: travel/ageing/ancient civilisations ; Being a Healer without destroying your body and money flows; Communicating with nature; Mythical Creatures - or why do we love dragons, unicorns and mermaids?; What's the deal with ET's?; Money should be easy peasy!; "Dressing for Success" what if the real you could show up in clothes, hair, makeup?

And much more. Urbane Mystics have it all at their fingertips, but up until now, maybe nobody wants you to know that!

Here's some of the amazing places I've travelled to and held classes in over the past year and the wonderful people who welcomed me - Tokyo, Rio, & Tahiti!






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