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What if you could be changing the health of your teeth, gums and whole mouth right away?

During the 3 day Happy Mouth classes, there's simply not enough time to fully cover all the energetics behind dental health.

So each month for 6 months, Shauna will present a Zoom telecall, using the new Happy Mouth Clearing statement, exploring all the energies that can be creating problems in the mouth. The calls do not include Happy Mouth points or activations - these are in the Basics and 3 day classes.

These calls will assist you even if you never take a Happy Mouth class!

Call #1 - Gum Disease - Choice & Rebellion Monday 17 June 2019

Recorded - replays and audios sent to you after the call.

French, Spanish, Hungarian translation - other languages  as required.  Please ask!
Your gums are the 'soil' in which your teeth grow - so gum disease is the first step to teeth problems!
You may be surprised to learn that energetically, gum disease is about a rebellion against authority, and not feeling like you can say whatever you really want to say because you have to hold your tongue!

Gums also involve how you feel about making choices! Are you always trying to get things right? Analysing and thinking too much?

If you have gum recession, that's about buying into the ageing paradigm.

We use a unique energetic clearing called the Happy Mouth Clearing Statement™  which is about unlocking or freeing ourselves from belief systems, family patterns, past traumas & experiences - all of which limit the health and wellness of our bodies.

Each month, we will take an area such as gums, or decay or even food and digestion, and talk about the kinds of energies that can get stuck there and clear them and using the Happy Mouth clearing statement, which is a highly potent energetic clearing tool.

Participants on the calls will be able to ask questions live or send them in before hand.

Call #2 - Kicking Doubt - the Great Limiter  July15th
The energy of doubt is so pervasive and crippling in all areas of our life and living. Do you doubt you can change your teeth, gum or bone situation? That it's possible to grow new gum tissue, or new teeth? What if you had absolutely no doubt that what you asked for would show up? In not just your mouth, but your money flows, relationships, your whole body?

Call #3 - Ageing & Youthening  the mouth, teeth & gums are the key to Indefinite living August 12th
Call #4 - Clenching & Grinding - resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety - the big distractors - September 9th
Call #5 - Self Love & Judgement - October 7th
Call #6 - Body shape & weight - November 4th

Our target is that this series will build a compendium or resource for practitioners and also people interested in creating change just for themselves. 

The calls will be at least one hour, recorded.  They are $100USD each, or $500 for all 6 (one call free).

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