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Tele-classes with Shauna Teaken

Live or pre-recorded and downloadable so you can enjoy them at your own pace.

You can register here at any time for this free weekly series. More about it here

Club Hedonista ~ Live Monthly

Club Hedonista is your passport to more elegance, fun and pleasure!  Live monthly calls with mp3 recordings, plenty of clearings, specials on classes and membership benefits (including a 1hr private session with Shauna ~value $275~ when you take a 12 month membership)

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Coming up in March...

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Accessing the Magic of You & Your Body

What if connecting you the being with your body and with the earth is a magical combination? What if creates and generates health, joy, fun, enthusiasm and more of whatever you'd like to have? This month - February - it's MONEY! (Last month was Rejuvenation).

Three 60 minute calls - Feb 23, 24 & 25th  - $150 (includes the recordings if you can't make it live!)

February 2016 - Now available in the shop

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Ageless Living - Joy of Youthing

Six potent sessions of clearing the myths and limitations around ageing, illness and genetics, featuring an Energy Exercise Class each week. 

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Get Off Your Goldmine

If you are tired of struggle with time, money and work, trying to identify just what is you have to offer the world and how to market it – let’s transform that right now!

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7 Keys to a Fab Body

Series of 7 tele calls covering:

  • Your brilliant immune system
  • Food, glorious food
  • Great Sleep
  • Hello digestive system
  • Loving the skin
  • Planet Luscious
  • Rejuvenate your body

Happy Mouth - Generative Energetic Dentistry

Tele call by Dr Tom Kolso - “Happy Mouth” is about more than just creating Happy Mouths. It’s about creating a happy planet.

This work is about bringing people together with the aim of generating and creating new possibilities of healing and health without requiring a specific result or outcome. It may be the beginning of creating a new possibility of healing in ways that no one has perceived as possible. (You will redirected to Dr Toms website ~ ~  to purchase this tele call.)

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Get Postcards of Inspiration from Shauna's Island Direct to Your Inbox