Rejuvenate & Youthen Now!

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Come with me on a journey as we unlock the ageing and olding of our bodies.

We will discover, investigate, and explore  where no-one has gone before - with the possibilities of reversing ageing and actually "Youthening" our bodies.

New processes have come forward in the last few months that mean we can now begin to create a different possibility, so that each year as you turn another year 'older', instead of your body deteriorating, ageing, olding, & losing vitality, you can increase your pleasure, health and wealth with your body as co-creator.

No longer at the affect of other people's pain or suffering, or that of earth changes, you can become a 'tuning fork' of possibilities to create a different future for you, your body and the earth.

This is my most potent, exciting and expansive series yet!

We've just completed 30 Days of Energy Flows with Bodies Pleasure Money - here's what people are saying:

"These daily energy flows have created such a sense of peace and sweetness to my body. Just the other week I'd had a back spasm after not resting up when my back was clearly saying enough (along with other awarenesses haha) and then we receive the contribution of the energy flow through our spine! Amazing! This call is really bringing home how much quicker energy and expansion creates change... Thankyou Shauna for sharing this with us daily -  Weip? Thank you Shauna"

Here's an Energy Flow about Pleasure and Skin

It is not about diets, exercise programs, surgery, injectables, lotions, potions or supplements.

It's about you the infinite being, your body and the earth together creating that which has never been possible on this earth before.

Each day, for 30 days, you'll receive a guided Energy Flow - a sort of guided meditation but not. Each Energy Flow builds your capacities with using energies in your body and from the universe, to create peace, health, wealth and vitality.

There will be four, one hour Zoominars - on line - where you can ask questions live or email them in. 

Day #1 and Zoom#1 will be Tuesday 17th October 9am Brisbane. Your time in the world here

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