Private Change Sessions with Shauna

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Do you have energetic capacities that are currently working against you, rather than to your advantage?

Right now, until December 31st, I'm offering Special Mini Sessions - 30 minutes with me (Skype, Zoom or Phone) for just $100.

Expand Your Energetic Capacities to Create What You'd Like to Have or Be with Ease

What do I mean by that?

Very often, whatever area/s of your life you have struggle with or not as much ease as you'd like, are actually where you have capacities you could be using! Instead, you are at the affect of them.

Your 'wrongness' is actually your 'strongness'!

It could money 'issues', it could be health or weight 'issues'

So how does that work? I've worked with many people who have struggled with ill-health, or had money 'issues' or high anxiety, and what we've uncovered is a talent or ability with healing bodies, generating money, or for being very aware. Actually, it's all to do with being very aware. 

I know, sounds unbelievable, right? But it's a matter of unlocking that capacity, kind of like changing a camera angle. It can turn things around in your life and living fast!

Another way your 'hidden' capacities might be showing up is in the things you love to do, your interests as a child and/or the things you do so easily that you dismiss them as though they have no value. But other people would and do!

It could be a love of pearls or diamonds - I know people who resonate, are vibrationally compatible with, precious things. They are able to  buy and sell these things easily, or just enjoy wearing them for the contribution they be.

It could be an ability with animals. Or it could a talent for finding amazing real estate, working with entities or spirits, or with the land.

I know people who have capacities with time ( although they have used that against themselves to age, or to always feel hurried!)

There's a saying that Dr Dain Heer of Access Consciousness has - "Your wrongness is actually your strongness" and that's what this is about - everywhere that you've judged you as wrong, too intense, too much, too - something - is actually covering up ways you could be flourishing and happy!

So, in a Private Change Session, we can look at anything that's chronic - it just keeps showing up for you - and begin that unlocking process. We will clear all the lifetimes involved. All the judgements that have been projected at you. And much more. You'll get some tools to take home and keep expanding and working with those capacities.

Sessions can be in person, online via Skype, or by phone. They are recorded so you can relax and flow with the change, and listen again later.

Each session is one hour and is $275. You can also choose a Magical You Session  

You can book here by putting "Private Session" in the subject line and we'll get back to you with some times and dates.

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