Accessing the Magic of You and Your Body

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This 3 part call  explores how the nature of what we call 'Sexual' energy isn't necessarily about copulation, but about enjoying being in a body, and how to open up and be that energy in every moment. It's the joy of embodiment that allows your body to show up the way it was meant to! Vital, youthful, happy. I use the tools of Access Consciousness™ with clearings, processes and energy flows to assist you to open up to your Sexual Energy.

So we'll clear the limitations and contractions we have that take that expansive, creative, energy of living energy and try to miniaturise it into only what happens in the bedroom.

Three telecalls of one hour plus each, including my unique Energy Exercise Class - a kind of guided meditation.

Repeated listening of this builds your energy capacities, which means things show up faster and with more ease. 

$150 USD/ $150 AUD for all three calls.

Buy Now and we'll send you the MP3 audio recordings plus the written clearings from each call.

Each call comes with an Energy Exercise Class - my unique kind of a guided meditation which you can use to relax, sleep and/or revitalise your body. Each time you listen, the change goes deeper!

In April we had Animal Magic - and you can buy it here - Animal Magic - if you live in Australia - $150 AUD or the US - $150 USD

March was -


What if the walls do speak?

And what if you could hear!

Whether you are interested in buying or selling real estate,
Or in creating a lovely home that works for you - your home, the land under it and anywhere you live or work can contribute to you in all sorts of ways you maybe hadn't considered!

Healing, nurturing, peaceful...

It's that aaaah! of relaxation when you get 'home' and chill out...which has nothing to do with how big the pad is, or even where it's located. There are energies within the earth, and elementals of the earth...

You can use your awareness and the consciousness of the land and buildings to your advantage to -

* change the energy or 'vibe' of a building or room to one of relaxation and ease;

* find properties to buy that will make you money;

* choose properties to buy or rent that will contribute to the nurturing, restfulness and money flows you require.

* decorate/design/build/renovate in communion with the materials and the land

Do you know someone who could use this info to their advantage? In real estate? Home decorators? Investors? Or anyone who would like their home to be a haven

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January was Accessing the Magic of Your & Your Body - Hormones, Sexual Energy. You can buy the three call series below.

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February was Accessing the Magic of Money. You can buy the three call series below.

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Past Tele-calls - Pay in USD here...

Accessing the magic of you and your body with money

Here's a free MP3 of an Energy Exercise Class  Balance Your Hormones & Glands

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