Living the Magical Life

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Have you actually been doing magic all your life, but passing it off as ‘luck’, serendipity or coincidence? Once you start recognising that you do magic all the time, more and more begins to show up… 

Did you believe in magic when you were small? Was ‘Bewitched’ or ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ your favourite TV show? Maybe ‘Charmed’ ? Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Do you have affinities with nature, the sea and other ‘interesting’ other-worldly things?

Or maybe past lives and time travel fascinates you!

Does the fantasy world sometimes seem more dynamic and meaningful than everyday, humdrum reality?

Living a Magical Life is about connecting with all your natural, transformative abilities which for some reason or other, you have denied, switched off or ignored. These abilities are not fantasy, the stuff of legend or imagination. In a private session  we explore your ‘magical’ abilities which allow us to transform everything around us – including our bodies, health, finances and relationships. We will be exploring –

  • Time travel – past, present & future awareness;
  • Other dimensions including parallel & alternate universes;
  • Connecting with nature realms;
  • Working with energy flows to pull money, success – anything you desire;
  • Clear whatever limitations you have to knowing and using your magical abilities.

So, what would it take for you to uncover your Magical abilities?

Your ‘magical’ self is real, accessible and can dialogue with the consciousness of everything – plants, crystals, animals and beings from other times, places and realities, and you can expand those energetic capacities.

What would it take to start living the magical life?

Tuning into your mystical, magical side is about opening up your awareness to what’s already there, and the more you acknowledge it, the more magic shows up. You’ll find all areas of your life start to flow more easily – health, finances, relationships and work when you start using your awareness.

Magic is all around you! 

private session is to uncover your psychic or intuitive abilities that could be contributing to you having a more fulfilling life right now. You’ll be surprised at how self-worth/esteem issues dissolve when you step into your mystical talents, gifts and abilities and how much transformation begins to happen in your everyday life. Perhaps you believed in magic when you were little? Did life and ‘harsh’ reality shut that down? The magical life is in many ways more real and more potent than the mundane reality most people choose to operate from! 

Discover how it is possible, safe and easy to work with your magical, transformational abilities, 

  • the ability to work across time – past, present and future awareness
  • working with other dimensions -including faeries, nature spirits, crystals etc
  • contributing to the earth
  • And much more

Put your natural abilities to work to transform your health, wealth and relationships! We will be clearing lots, particularly of past life experiences in which you used your magical abilities and unpleasant consequences followed! In other times and places, being ‘different’ in this way meant harsh reprisals, exclusion or death. Little wonder we shut down our awareness in order to survive!

“Beginning my training as a medium in the early 1980’s, I have worked with my transformational abilities, they are a part of my everyday life. From buying and selling houses, choosing my clothes, my cars, my relationships and my career – I use these natural transformational abilities to assist me. Now you can, too!” – Shauna Teaken

What are your amazing, magical gifts?

How might they be contributing to a better world and an easier, more fulfilling life for you?

Here’s an article with more info about Elementals and the Realms

* Personal Magical Self Reading with Shauna
- unlock where you are blocked in being able to perceive & communicate with the magical realms.
  Phone/skype/In person 
$275 for a 1 hour recorded session

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Get Postcards of Inspiration from Shauna's Island Direct to Your Inbox

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