A Year of Joyful Living 

12 months of daily Energy Flows, Zoom telecalls and more.

Choose from:

1. Just the telecall 

2. Telecall plus 30 days of Energy Flows & Private Facebook group & Free Private Session each month


3. A 12 month subscription (all of the above at a great price) join anytime.  There are quite a number of past, themed months to choose from.

Each of these can be scheduled so that you receive an Energy Flows daily to your inbox, at a time you choose. Talk to Crystals, Talk to Plants, Being Gold are just some of the topics.


Month #5 Are you having the Deliciousness of Life?

(or missing out and getting stuck with the fuzzy end of the lollipop?)

One hour telecall Thursday 25th June 2020

You can then choose the 30 days of Energy Flows to dip into the deliciousness of life - enjoying food, relationships, business, money.

It starts with a few minutes of relaxation and being present, allowing energy to flow through your body and being into the earth. The Energy Flows are relaxing and revitalising. You'll receive audios of the whole series to replay at your leisure. People use them to go to sleep, and to refresh during the day.

And through a daily, 10 minute Energy Flows, your capacities to relax, enjoy and be space will expand.

Posted live each day into a private facebook group, and also delivered to your inbox.

Available in French & Czech translation.

You can join the one hour telecall - $45 USD  

And/or join the facebook group and receive the 30 days of Energy Flows daily and the telecall for $150USD
Recordings are emailed daily, it is not necessary to be on Facebook .

OR! Join the Year of Joyful Living for $100 a month or $1,000 for the whole 12 months 


What are people saying about the Energy Flows?

"Listening to the call is the very first thing I do when I wake up. It opens me to receive more with my body, allows to receive gold every where, my body is so happy!"

"The past few days have shown incredible lightbulb moments for me, already. I’m so excited about the changes being Gold is creating. My two children are now joining in with me and we are doing the daily meditation together."

Participants have had changes in their money flows,  job offers, found lost jewellery and overall increase in peace and relaxation.

Join Shauna for adventures in consciousness, exploring the deliciousness of living, with nature, bodies, earth spirits, money, and more.

Available in  French and Czech translation.

The year of Joyful Living monthly membership includes:

* Daily Energy Flows which reflect the energies on the planet, and the 'theme' of the month.

* Private facebook group

* A Monthly one hour Zoom

* A Long "Energy Flows" recording for each month for repeated listening to enhance relaxation, sleep, rejuvenation.

* Discounts on any of Shauna's telecall series

* Gift Recordings

* Discounted Private sessions - choose a free 15 minute private or a half price session each month.

* Written Home play 

Here's what people are saying about the Energy Flows:

"Of all the classes and courses I've taken, doing Shauna's gold Energy Flows daily has been the one thing that connects me with nature and my body, and sets me up for the day." T.R. Australia

"No matter what's going on in my life, I can listen to these energy flows and my body is so happy!" J.S., USA

You can purchase any or all of the following telecalls or 30 Days of individually, or subscribe for 12 months and pick the topics you like from 16 diferent themed months.


Month #4 What Would You Like to Create?

If there was no time, money, talent or age limitation,
What would you like to create?

A one hour telecall exploring generation & creation, with an optional 30 days of Energy Flows (like guided meditations or energy exercises.)

Generation, which includes creation, is using the quantum entanglements (the energy 'currents' interconnecting all things), to move molecules, with units of consciousness (elementals ) to have what you'd like show up. Like more health, or money, or a job or?

When you are creating from the simple joy of it, with a desire to be a contribution to the earth, and people, it can be instantaneous.

How to be that space of joy?

Month #3 Time 


Time is the ultimate control - it seems everything in this reality is about time - particularly the past and the future. But it is the PRESENT which is the power. We'll explore the malleability of time, each day playing with it's seeming limitations - including ageing, creating for the future, releasing the past, and being PRESENT. Scroll down to register or email shauna@shaunasisland.com


Month #2  Magical Land Connections 

The theme for Month #2 is Magical Land Connections with Earth & Nature Spirits - your house and the land beneath it are willing and capable of contributing to you, as are any where you visit on the Planet. Are you drawn to certain places? Are you looking to sell or buy real estate?
Purchase the 60 minute tetecall recording only for $45 (includes bonus zoom "How I buy, sell or rent gorgeous properties that make me money and nurture my body"


Month #1  Immunity to all Viruses.

What if viruses are not what they seem? What if they are possibility for increased awareness and consciousness?"

Did you know Ageing and Poverty are a virus?


Payment OPTIONS: 

Purchase the telecall only - $45.00 - does not include daily Energy Flows or the facebook group. 

Purchase just one month and join the telecall, the 30 days and the facebook group - $150.


Pay by the month subscription - $100 each month ($1200 total, cancel anytime, (save $600);     Choose from any of the12 months, (current, past and ongoing)

or pay in full for the year $1,000.00 (save $800)

Energy Flows are Shauna's unique style of energy exercise which allows the body to relax and your being to connect with your body and the earth.


1. Having a daily energetic connection between your body, being and the earth is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and being able to share that with even one other person in a group is a wonderful bonus!

2.  This few minutes in the day of being present, changes the future, your future, dynamically. And it's great practice to be more present every moment.

Participants find that what they ask for shows up dynamically.

2. The Energy Flows have allow you to tune in to the energy on the planet and contribute in ways you could not have imagined, as weather, politics, economic and social changes have escalated intensely. 

3. We all know more than we are willing to acknowledge, and we all contribute far more than we realise. To each other, the planet, the animals and nature beings. Please don't judge yourself in any way! What do you know, that if you acknowledged that you know, would change all realities and non realities and actualise as that which you have always desired? It's not "what" you know, it's "That" you know!

4. When we come together to run an Energy Flows (even if it's not at the same times in the day) we all have and be more - more receiving, more perceiving, more knowing and being.

5. Your awareness of and receiving from your 'team'/ guides  can really open up with this energy exercise.

6. Many participants find that they are sleeping better, trusting themselves more, having expanded awareness of nature spirits, money flows increasing and much more.






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