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The Private Coaching Program with Shauna Teaken

I don’t call it “Life Coaching” ‘cos a ‘life’ is a done thing – it’s a ‘living’ you’re after! Changing, growing – dynamic and fun!

Tired? Lack of vitality? Some areas of your life just not working – like money, relationships, weight? You are probably just a hair’s breadth away from turning it all around! What’s needed often is a complete change of perspective. To be able to stop seeing yourself through the lens of your criticisms and judgement, of other people’s opinions of who you are and what you should be doing.

We can have a conversation either in person, by phone or Skype – it doesn’t have to be a full program. Some of my clients ‘check in’ every fews weeks or months simply to talk, gain clarity or get back on track.

“Shauna comes from such a place of non-judgement! Talking with her it’s like the first time I’ve felt validated for being me, and not like I was dysfunctional or stuffing up! I came away with renewed enthusiasm and direction, and a whole different understanding of what happiness is to me.”
G.T. Brisbane

Make this the year you shift gears so living starts being easier, more fun and more rewarding!

In a living coaching program, we work together to transform limiting patterns of behaviour, negative mind-set or self esteem issues which may be holding you back in relationship, health, bodyshape, creative or financial areas of your life.
 This not about goal setting, vision boards, making you ‘accountable” or judging you.

I have a very different approach to change. I show people how to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. The energetic transformation possible is fast — and truly dynamic.

If you know you’re not living the life of your dreams, with a body you adore, a partner who excites, supports and expands your living, and a career or business that deeply satisfies you, then let’s talk!

I am all about you having a relaxed, fun and interesting living – and I can show you how to do it for you, your way. I’m more interested in putting you in touch with your inner awareness or knowing, so you can choose what works for you, than ‘telling’ you how to live your life.

I don’t say it will comfortable – change is often not comfortable!

“Shauna Teaken you are falsely advertised! You should be called ‘Shauna White Knuckle Fun, Strap yourself in Teaken.’ I have no idea how to comprehend who and what you are but seriously my life has turned upside down since you arrived in my world. Thank you and I’m eternally grateful for your insight, magic, love and MOSTLY patience whilst I shrug off the layers. 2013………………………………………………………………….and forever………………………..” Kelly Quinn, Superfox Merchandising, Brisbane

You can start with a Discovery Session – a short 30 minute session as a guide to what’s possible. The $135 fee is credited back to you if you decide to have further sessions, or go ahead with a mentoring package. You can book here, Put Discover in the subject line, and we’ll get back with dates and times.

Private Coaching with Shauna
 – First meeting – discovery, discuss, plan. – (1.5hr) recorded for your future reference. This is the key to starting to make the changes required, exploring, planning and strategising for your future. You can then choose to go on to further single sessions when it suits you, or opt for a package.

Mentoring clients receive unlimited email support & guidance, phone support, and lots of ‘extra’ benefits too – bonus one-day workshops, free Mp3 recordings and much more.

I design programs for people interested in –

  • Losing weight or transforming their body shape/appearance match the vital, youthful & gorgeous being within (that is a very exciting transformation to watch!);
  • Starting a business or rejuvenating an existing one – who would like their businesses to expand and contribute to them having a wonderful life;
  • Attracting their ‘dream’ partner;
  • Freeing themselves from patterns of trauma, abuse, struggle or life just not ‘working’.
  • Freeing up creativity

In your mentoring program, you will -

  • Release the unhelpful ‘baggage’ of your past, including limiting beliefs, fears and experiences; (without having to relive, re-visit, forgive or gut wrench), with easy energetic processes that feel wonderful!
  • Dispel distraction and overwhelm and get you out of endlessly analysing, overthinking and figuring it out. If that worked you’d be living the life of your dreams years ago. Your mind doesn’t have the answers!
  • Get clear about your future direction – this may absolutely knock your socks off – you may have a very limited idea of what’s possible for you. Once again, that would be your mind, which can only ‘imagine’ from where you are now.
  • Have a manageable map to get you there which is not based on linear, step by step clunky thinking – life is too short to waste it in long term ‘somedays’.
  • Experience success and fulfilment through what resonates with you – and let’s find what does resonate and delight you! Sometimes, we don’t know what would bring happiness or joy, so that in itself can be a process over time.
  • Most importantly, take away a set of tools which allows you to know and trust your own awareness in making expansive choices in your relationships, career, health and finances.

As a result, your body begins to feel lighter, more youthful – there is a dissipation of body pain and stiffness, an improvement in other physical disorders, including poor sleep, headaches, skin problems, depression, anxiety and more.

However, there’s no off-the-shelf formula here.
 This is a program tailored especially for you.

How it works:

1. Initial consultation (1.5 hours)

This meeting (in person, phone, Skype) gives us the opportunity to:

  • Clarify which areas to focus on – body issues, relationship, finances, health, career;
  • Define the sources of stress, frustration, tiredness in your life and how to change them.
  • Ascertain what gifts, talents & abilities you are aware of, and perhaps others you are overlooking!

What would an enjoyable life look like for you? It’s not all about material things, but having money to do the things you’d like to do is useful.

  • What’s your vision for your life?
  • How do we get you there?

This session is recorded for you to tap back into at anytime. A tailormade plan is then designed for you.

2. Your Transforming Sessions:
 1.5 hour sessions each month or as it suits you by phone, skype, or in person.

Have your body/mind ‘defragged’ from all the energetic rubbish, stress etc it’s been picking up over time. Your life experience will begin to change from day one. These sessions are timed to work in with your schedule – and are designed to keep you on track to creating REAL change. What are those limitations keeping you stuck?
 Depending on the your needs, health and stress issues, gentle hands-on bodywork can be part of your sessions. We will discuss what would work best for you in your first session.

3. Email Contact
 – Unlimited Email Support – you can write to me and I will be sending you tools and exercises as required.

4. Boost Calls:
10 minute phone ‘boosts’ when you can call me for support or clarification.
Issues coming up, challenges intensifying, losing focus? No problem, call or email me to clear it. If you require more time, no problem, we just apply the hourly rate. Designed to give you a quick ‘tune-up’ when you need it. Live phone support – 10 minutes is all it takes to get you calm, clear and connected. Having these powerful ‘shots’ will accelerate your progress big time.

Investing in you and your future.

Discovery Session – $135 – 30 minutes – fee deducted from your program if you choose to go on.

Initial Planning Session – $375 – 90 minutes – fee deducted from your package if you choose to go on to a 3, 6, or 12 month program.

Subsequent Single Sessions – $375 – 90 minutes if program not chosen.

Two sessions – $650 (saving $100) – use as you require (3 month time limit.)


1. Fabulous Value Package – Break it Wide Open!

  • Three months or 6 sessions of fast track change and transformation – are you ready?
  • Full email and phone support & guidance as required.
  • $1800 (saving $450) in advance or $650 per month
Register Here

2. The Super Package – Super Size Me!

Six Months or 12 sessions of amazing personal growth, guidance & support:

  • Includes email & phone support & guidance for transformation & change of old limitations, ‘stuck’ areas, long-standing body, relationship and financial issues.
  • Includes a free one-day workshop of your choice ($350 value) (excludes Access Consciousness classes)
  • $3,600 in advance ($4,500 of services) or $650 per month
Register Here

3. The Ultimate Package – Change My Life Now!

  • 12 months or 24 sessions of dynamic, life-altering change.
  • Sometimes, long term ‘issues’ need longer, and sometimes the journey itself can be amazing fun and enjoyment. Shhh… don’t tell anyone but this ‘work’ is the probably the most ‘play’ you’ve ever had.
  • $7,200 in advance ($9,000 of services) or $650 per month
  • Includes full email and phone support/guidance.
  • Includes two free workshops of your choice ($700 value) (Excludes Access Consciousness classes) 
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Bars bodywork – 70 minute session – $150 (no processing or coaching, just bliss) More about the Bars here.

Boost Session – 30 minutes of coaching (phone, skype, one to one) – $100

Sessions for US residents...

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