Is it possible to regrow your own teeth and gums, consciously?

To have no more decay? Modern dentistry says this is not possible, but what if that is a big fat lie?

Happy Mouth is a series of points on the head which a practitioner gently massages to activate the body's own healing and regenerative systems to regrow gum & bone tissues, repair and grow teeth, and much more. It's actually a 'Youthening' system for the whole body. It is based on the natural capacities bodies have to heal, regenerate and generate themselves. Our bodies are capable of growing new bone and skin cells, of renewing damaged or ageing tissues, and Happy Mouth activates these dormant capacities.

You can access the system by looking at the website; attending an Taster evening or Basics class with Shauna Teaken; listening to interviews with Dr Tom Kolso or Shauna; or taking the full Certified Practitioner training of 3 full days. You can find a Certified Practitioner here

Happy Mouth™ 3 Day Class with Dr Tom Kolso in Guadalajara, Mexico April 2019

You can read more about Happy Mouth™  at the website, or scroll down to find out more.

Click here to download this free recording - Regrow Teeth is it possible?

Shauna Teaken is the world wide coordinator for Happy Mouth and also facilitates Intro/Taster Evenings, the Happy Mouth Basics class and the Happy Mouth 3 day class.

The Happy Mouth website is

There’s free downloads of recent interviews with Tom and Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, and Christine McIver. here

The Energetic Dentistry Series  more here.                      


You can take a Happy Mouth 'mini-class' by online replay.


Basics Workshop: 3.5 hour class + manual $270 USD  (This fee is credited back to you if you take a live 3 day Happy Mouth class)

The replay of the classes is available to watch again, but we do not offer downloads of Happy Mouth class material.

3 Day Class with Shauna in Budapest, Hungary       

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No More Decay, No More Pain, No More Expensive Dental Treatments!

If you've ever wondered why we have to put up with pain, pus, sore gums, false teeth, fillings, embarrassment or shame about our teeth and our smiles - then Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry might just be of interest to you!

Many people have fear or even loathing of going to the dentist!

Many people grind their teeth at night, and many of us hold tension in the jaw, all of which affects the health our teeth, gums, - actually the whole body!

With Happy Mouth, we have cranial points which activate the systems to repair teeth, strengthen teeth and restore structural integrity, and points to deal with decay and the importance of correct acid balance in the mouth; activating tooth buds for new teeth to be grown, and so much more.

With Happy Mouth, we are addressing so much more than 'just' teeth and gums!

You still need a regular dental visit, and you still need to brush and floss!

So what is Happy Mouth?

Created by dentist Dr Tom Kolso, it's a series of points on the head which when stimulated by the practitioner activate dormant systems in the body, plus clearings and verbal processes. And much more. It's about being able to have our mouths as something that is generative, rather than a place of deterioration or decay.

The full 3 day class with Dr Tom Kolso includes:
The clearings, processes and activations of the Happy Mouth™system including how to activate the head points, demonstrated by Dr Tom and practiced by each participant on one another.

Next Classes -  Dallas Texas January 17-19, 2019. More here at

The Systems & Points on the head include:

  • Dontal Generative System - for the health of the whole mouth;
  • Bone Restorative System - regenerating and strengthening bone
  • TMJ Restorative System - including bruxism, grinding, jaw pain;
  • TMJ Generative System
  • Tooth Bud Activation - re-growing teeth;
  • Gingival Restorative & Generative Systems - gum recession & health
  • Lymphatic Restorative System
  • Salivary Glands Restorative System
  • Tooth Structural Integrity
  • Youthening Point
  • Hair Regeneration Point
  • Awareness Point
  • Insight Point
  • Balance & Smart Points

In addition, there are processes for activating the micro-organisms that ‘eat’ plaque ; a hands-on processes for focal infections and much more.

Other topics covered include mercury amalgams, phobias about dentistry, receding gums, bone loss, clenching & grinding, dental implants, and wisdom teeth. In the live class, there are a number of new points not introduced before - the Youthening Point which activates a whole system of anti-ageing in the body, and the Hair Generation Point to regrow hair !

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this class



Newly Updated Happy Mouth Basics - Become a Happy Mouth™ Basics Practitioner in one evening!

The Class is 3.5 hours, and the focus will be on learning how to give a Happy Mouth session for gum disease and tooth decay - the most common dental health problems for most people.

Participants will receive the charts showing the relevant head points to be activated, so that they can then run sessions on others. There are 16 Happy Mouth points, this class will contain 7 of these.

Fees: $270USD includes manual.


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