Gold #12 - Talking to Crystals

30 days of Communicating with gemstones, jewellery, rocks and crystals 

Every day for 30 days, you will receive a video and the audio of an energy exercise of around 5-10 minutes, using the frequency of gold energy which resonates with the physical body for health and relaxation, with the earth for healing, nurturing and creativity and with crystals.

We will take the gold vibration deep into the cells of the body for healing, to expand receiving of abundance and nurturing energies and to contribute to the earth.


This one month is $125USD (There's country pricing so please email if you are in Australia, for example)



Gold! 11 - Talk to Plants



GOLD!10 - Access Your Power with Money.

If you don't have as much ease with money as you'd like, or if money always seems to be a struggle, you may not realise that you have a power with money. Frustration, anger, limitation around finances is energy you could be using to actually create what you'd like, rather than staying stuck!

A daily Energy Flows exercise to match the frequency of gold.

Gold is the essence of healing, abundance and possibility.

It has long been treasured for it's rarity, physical beauty and malleability for use in coinage, jewellery, clothing, and adornment of all kinds. It has been the standard of wealth on planet earth for many thousands of years.

But it is the frequency or vibration of gold that holds its true value.

Every day for 30 days, you will receive a video and the audio of an energy exercise of around 5-10 minutes, using the frequency of gold energy which resonates with the physical body for health and relaxation, with the earth for healing, nurturing and creativity and with MONEY!

We will take the gold vibration deep into the cells of the body for healing, to expand receiving of abundance and nurturing energies and to contribute to the earth.

If you can match the frequency of GOLD, you can have GOLD.

"Anything you can Be, you can Have." - Gary Douglas



Gold! Month #9 - Energy Flows with the Earth



Month #8 of the Gold Energy Flows series...


Female bodies are different!

Not better, just different! And they have different energetic capacities!

In month #8 of the GOLD! Energy Flows series, we'll be clearing and opening up the Female Creative Energy systems and flows of the body.

What does Female Creative Energy do?
* Enhances, expands and exponentionalises your creativity on all levels;
* Opens up your receiving;
* Revitalises the physical body;
* Expands "sexualness" - the pleasure of embodiment.

***Sexulaness" is a word coined by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness to describe the healing, nurturing, creative, life giving energy found in nature - it is the energy of the earth. It includes sexual intercourse, but that is a small part of the joy or pleasure of embodiment.

Sexualness is about enjoying everything in life - the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, being with friends, family, your pets, your work - your body. (* Female Creative Energy is not an Access Consciousness process)

Your *Female Creative Energy may have been supressed from childhood or from many other times and places - anywhere you have been judged as too much - too loud, too giggly, too smart, too attractive, too powerful, too naughty etc.

You may have learned to supress your natural vitality and vivacity because that's what the people around you did as you were growing up. But you can unlock it!

     Here's an Energy Flows from the series - "Your Body Wasn't Designed to Age" -  The Pineal Gland                                                                                        

Month #7 Your Body Was Designed to YOUTH!




Month Six: Super Powers!




Month Five:

Are you ready to ride the wild surf? "Big Wednesday" is coming!


In the surf culture there's a myth that all the great surf days of the year fall on Wednesdays. And sometimes there's a super Big Wednesday.

This 30 days is about hitching a ride on the energy waves - quantum entanglements - which is how all things are connected and how we can create what we'd like to have. Many people don't realise they are using the energy waves against themselves. For example, there are lots of people who moan and complain and that creates a energy surge or wave that you can connect with and ride. Not fun. Or, you can choose another energy wave. It may be the ride of your lifetime!

As any surfer knows, to catch a wave you have to paddle fast and match the speed of the wave before it can lift you for an exhilarating, joyous ride.

In this 30 days, practice the fast paddle, and what to do between waves when you're in the trough before the next surge, and it seems like nothing is happening.

Having more money is about enjoying life more and also being a greater contribution to other people and the earth. Money is about your body - you the being don't need food, clothes, a house or a car. Your body requires those things. And oddly enough, if you nurture your body more, more money shows up!

The Energy Flows™ - Shauna's unique form of energy exercises - a kind of guided meditation/energy exercise, is posted live daily to a private facebook group, and also emailed to you daily, as audio and video. You don't have to be on facebook to receive the Energy Flows.

Plus a one hour Zoom "Ride the Wild Surf"

Month 4 : Beyond This Reality Awareness

Month#4 Energy Flows to expand your Beyond this Reality Awareness

We are so often caught up in the awarenesses we are having about other people's thoughts and their bodies; about the politics of the day, the economy blah blah blah, that we often don't acknowledge that we are also having BEYOND THIS REALITY AWARENESS all the time! A BTR awareness is where you have a whisper of what else is possible, a nudge about a different future, a sense of energy to be followed. We'll take a month to explore and expand that!  What might your future look like if you acknowledged the BTR awarenesses you have? It might be way beyond what you can conceive of or imagine!!!




Are you avoiding the pleasure of life? Pleasure is what you have when you connect with your body and with the sexualness of nature - the healing, creative, generative and nurturing energy.

The Pleasure of living includes the elegance of living, where you are willing to look at what is beautiful in life and have and be peace; it includes nurturing you and your body; using what you already have to greatest effect; adding to your life; and accessing a wealth of possibilities. 

So in thse 30 days we will use Energy exercises - which I call Energy Flows -  to expand our receiving of earth energies, and possibilities for healing both ourselves, the earth and others.

Pleasure is a big no-no, taboo word for many people. It has an immediate association with sex, indulgence, even laziness and selfishness. And then the guilt, shame and regret pop in!

But what if it's actually something completely different?

What if it's the joy of living?

Over the 30 days we will explore letting go of what prevents us having as much pleasure as we would like, and what that might create and generate in every area of living!

Here's a quote from Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness:

"When you are willing to live your life from a hedonistic pleasure place, your life begins to work in ways it never has before, because you are living for the joy of it, not for what you have to accomplish, what you have to do, or for the purpose of it."

GOLD! Month #2 -  Being the Magic of Earth with the Spirits of the Sea and Nature 

Each day for 30 Days, Shauna posts a live Energy Flows - a kind of energy exercise/meditation.

"In the past year I have visited many cities around the world - including Paris, Budapest, Prague,(all twice!)  Tokyo (3 times!) and St Petersburgh. And in each place, I 'tune in' to the nature spirits and the earth there, by doing my Energy Flows. I  use the frequency of Gold as it resonates well with both the body and the earth. These energies are waking up now as more people become aware and willing to work with them. This year, I've already visited the centre of my own country - Uluru and Kata Tjuta (those wonderful red domes in the picture above). Different awarenesses come with each place. While I'm home, I often post my Energy Flows from the near-by beach or my garden.  We create a private facebook group, and I post a video live each day from wherever I happen to be. You're invited to join us."

Month #1 is Energy Flows for the health of your Mouth, Teeth and Gums.

Here's one you can experience The Deliciousness of Life

You can purchase the recordings of this one month of Mouth, Teeth & Gums. It's $125. Scroll down to register!  The recordings will be sent one each morning in your time zone.

Some feedback from this series:

"Listening to the call is the very first thing I do when I wake up. It opens me to receive more with my body, allows to receive gold every where, my body is so happy!"

"The past few days have shown incredible lightbulb moments for me, already. I’m so excited about the changes being Gold is creating. My two children are now joining in with me and we are doing the daily meditation together." 

Participants have had changes in their money flows, have had job offers, found lost jewellery and overall increase in peace and relaxation.

You can try another Energy Flows here:


'Running' Gold energy exponentialises your capacities with money, health, youthing, business, creativity, relationships, sexualness - everything!
And, it contributes to the earth, animals, and people.


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