Thirty Days of Daily Energy Flows to Rejuvenate & Youthen Your Body

Have you always known something must be possible for bodies other than slow deterioration and loss of vitality?

Something more than as each year passes, even though you gain more awareness, more appreciation of life, of nature and living,  your body diminishes, gets older, bigger or less well?

On Monday/Tuesday 21/22 (depending on where you are in the world) we will begin a ground-breaking new series.

Get Out of Time!

End the tyranny of time and allow your body Rejuvenate & Youthen (RAY) Now!

Come with me on a journey as we unlock the ageing and olding of our bodies.

We'll be using daily Energy Flows, a kind of guided meditation or exercise to release limitations, increase energy to the cells and bring vibrancy to the body.

We will discover, investigate, and explore where no-one has gone before - with the possibilities of reversing ageing and actually "Youthening" our bodies.

New processes have come forward in the last few months that mean we can now begin to create a different possibility, so that each year as you turn another year 'older', instead of your body deteriorating, ageing, olding, & losing vitality, you can increase your pleasure, health and wealth with your body as co-creator.


  • Bodies were designed to be self generating and re-generating!
  • Why the mouth, teeth and gums are central to longevity and health
  • How pleasure, laughter and creativity can re-shape and "youth" your body
  • How to work with your body, not battle with it.
  • Releasing ageing from the body,
  • Revitalising the body energetically,
  • Clearing cell memory,
  • Family history,
  • Hormonal 'balance',
  • Pleasure & sexualness*
  • Becoming the 'Tuning Fork' of possibilities, rather than at the affect of the pain, destruction and sadness of the world.

This is my most potent, exciting and expansive series yet!

The Program consists of:

  • 4 x One-hour Zooms ( a zoom is like watching a TV show from your computer, except you can ask questions live) In these weekly sessions, we can address your particular challenges with health, ageing, body shape etc. Send your questions in if you can't be on live!
  • Daily videos and audios of the Energy Flows - posted live each day to a Private RAY's Facebook group, and added to a private "Spaces" so you can watch anytime, as often as you like.
  • Private Facebook group - if you're not on Facebook, you'll receive the Energy Flows by email, daily.
  • Audio recordings of each Zoom, plus a link to watch the replay.
  • Audio Recordings of Energy Flow exercises to use daily
  • Home play to begin your personal Rejuvenation & Youthening journey right away.
Zoom#1 Monday May 21st at 10am Paris time, 6pm Tues 22nd Brisbane.
Your time in the world here

Zoom #2 Tues 29th May, Zoom #3 Tues June 5th and Zoom #4 Wed 20th June. (Day 30 of Energy Flows)

Energy Flows each day for 30 days from Tuesday 22/Wed 23 depending on where you are in the world!

The Daily Energy Flows become a capsule of rejuvenating, relaxing and revitalising energy exercises you can refer to anytime, any place.

Here's an Energy Flows - It's about how PLEASURE is a key!

Fee: $150 USD

Payment Plan? $40 per week x 4 weeks 

Get Out Of Time
  Number of payments 4
  Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $40.00 USD
Every 1 week (x 3) $40.00 USD
Total $160.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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 What a participant had to say about a past the Rejuvenation & Youthing Program -

"Shauna, You are a Beyond! ....Beyond Brilliant....this course is what I have known is possible and Yet You are the only one who is delivering it! I seldom am able to listen to You live, I do however fall asleep listening to You in my bed...a huge hug of gratitude for You Being You! My energies have shifted, I am happier and I am attracting people, like bees to honey.." Trina Rocine


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