The core of the series is a daily 'Energy Flows' which I will post live into a closed Facebook group (also available to watch if you don't do facebook).

An Energy Flows is my unique process - a bit like a guided meditation - except you are developing your 'Energy Muscles' - your capacities to direct and flow energies for increased health, wellbeing, awareness, money, business and relationships. It can get you out of the 'wrongness' of you to a different perspective.

Here's an Energy Flows for you to increase receiving right now!  

In addition to 30 days of Increasing Receiving, there will be a Zoom telecall at the beginning and at the end of the 30 Days, as we clear belief systems, past traumas etc, answer questions and talk energy strategies.

"Receiving" doesn't just mean more money! You can receive more insight and awareness, more joy and happiness, more peace, more customers, more clients, more health and - what else would you like?

It also means you no longer have to be at the affect of other people's illness, sadness, meanness - instead you can be a greater contribution for those who wish to receive it, and to the world around you. You go from being in the victim position, to the joyous contributor to change.

This is my most ease-filled, exciting and expansive series so far!

The Program consists of:

  • 2 x One-hour Zooms ( a zoom is like watching a TV show from your computer, except you can ask questions live)
  • Daily videos of the Energy Flows - posted live each day, and added to a private "Spaces" so you can watch anytime, as often as you like.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Audio recordings of each Zoom, plus a link to watch the replay.

Fees: $125 USD
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Payment Plan $32 per week x 4 weeks - scroll down

Dates & Times:
Day 1 of Energy Flows Friday 13th April and then every day for 30 days.
Zoom #1 Friday April 13th at 2pm Brisbane, 6am Paris, 1pm in Tokyo.
Zoom #2 Friday 11th May  at 2pm, Brisbane time.

Your time in the world here

Here's what people said about some of my previous "30 days of Energy Flows":
"Loving what we have started in this group with Shauna. Please continue Shauna. Great to have another zoom to look forward to and what else is possible? Lets create more magic, ease and joy in the world than we ever imagined was possible." CH, UK

"These daily energy pulls have created such a sense of peace and sweetness to my body. Just the other week I'd had a back spasm after not resting up when my back was clearly saying enough (along with other awarenesses haha) and then we receive the contribution of the energy pull through our spine! Amazing! This call is really bringing home how much quicker energy and expansion creates change." LS, Brisbane.



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