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She’s transforming her body, finances, business & relationships

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Who would’ve thought that relaxing & feeling good could change your body shape, your vitality, your finances and your relationships, then lead to even more relaxation and pleasure?

There’s actually a lot more going on here, that you can’t see. It’s kind of like a meditation, but not.

She’s using a kind of muscle that for many of us has become atrophied from lack of use – a muscle which allows you to create and generate your life and living the way you’d like it to be, rather than being at the mercy of outside events, other people, or your own limiting beliefs about your self worth.

It’s probably the greatest ‘secret’ I’ve found in the last 36 years of working with groups and individuals seeking more out of life.

First, being the space of complete ease & relaxation allows you to release lifetimes of anxiety, upset, or trauma, see what isn’t working – and to get clear on what you’d like to have instead. And then, a magical next step. Flexing your energy muscles to direct and create your vision for your body, relationships, work and finances. It’s like taking an Energy Exercise Class to tone up, rejuvenate and reshape your “life creation muscles.”

'Energy Flows' – something completely new is here!

A first it seems a little bit like a guided relaxation or meditation. Anyone can do it, and it’s not hard. You don’t have to be a meditator. If you have ‘busy brain’ then this is made for you! Then we will be doing some completely new energy processes that have only come about in the last few months – and they are truly the most explosive, exciting and transformative things I have ever experienced.

This isn’t brain washing, positive thinking or meditation as such. It’s a deeply potent and effective way to create change fast.

With an Energy Flows, you can be relaxing or even sleeping while you totally change your life. A bit like guided meditations, Energy Flows are designed to build & tone your energy ‘muscles’ so that you can begin to dynamically create your body, your money flows and your life and living magically – the way you’d like it and not based on genetics, diet, age or limitations. These are recordings you can listen to while you sleep or at any time. Potent!

Like to try one ? Here’s a free sample! Click here - Balancing Your Hormones & Glands

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Get Postcards of Inspiration from Shauna's Island Direct to Your Inbox

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