Energetic Bodywork

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Welcome to nurturing, relaxing and transformative bodywork!

Shauna uses a range of Access Consciousness™ processes (there are over 60) including the Bars®.

 Access Bodywork creates powerful change through bypassing your analytical, logical mind. It works to transform deep-seated self-sabotaging beliefs and ailments existing at a cellular level. As a result you will not only feel better, you will begin to look younger and your body will start to heal itself as it was designed to do. Clients report sleeping better, having more energy and renewed enthusiasm for living.

Shauna Teaken has a background in Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy ( Diploma 1981), Remedial Massage Therapy (Diploma 1980), Reiki (Reiki 1 – 1985, Master 2002) and is an Access Bars Facilitator (2010), a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator (2012) and Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Class Facilitator.  She is also Worldwide Co-ordinator for Happy Mouth Generative Energetic Dentistry.More here

“Thank you so much for the great session. You cleared a lot of things up for me. I have a clear mind and all the mind chatter has gone. I am very grateful. I feel so different (happy and joy no stress) and my body stuff has changed, I am so much more relaxed and no discomfort. ” – M. C. Bowen Therapist, Brisbane.

How does an Access™ bodywork session work?

Each session is 60 – 90 minutes, with a series of gentle hand positions held on the feet, head and torso. It is relaxing, soothing and feels wonderful. For most, this sensation lingers after the session. For some, it may last hours or days. The client is fully clothed, lying on a massage table.You can book here

How Do Sessions Work?

“We focus on the biggest issue the client wish to see change in e.g. weight loss or depression, anxiety, body pain or stiffness etc; I explain that I am not ‘healing’ them but simply assisting a discharge of built up energies, creating a comfortable and easy space for changes in their life to occur And they do occur!”

You don’t have to talk!

Sometimes the client is in such a tired, stressed or exhausted place that we just allow a quiet relaxing bodywork session without much verbal analysis at all. The effects are the same. The ‘aha’ moments may come later that day or week.

Usually by the third or fourth session clients are experiencing huge insights into what’s behind the body stuff (it can be years of accumulated tension, a trauma, for example.) and life is beginning to flow with more ease. Energy and enthusiasm are beginning to return.

If the issue is about chronic ill-health, money or relationships, it’s never about our weakness, stupidity or dysfunctionality. We are never as ‘screwed up’ as we think!

Oh, here’s what’s interesting...

A client may start out coming along to clear weight issues, or depression but end up clearing a whole lot of related stuff around relationships, money, health and career. Funny that, isn’t it? Kind of doesn’t matter where you start – increased clarity, peace, and energy all emerge.

Packages to Choose From

For you to feel supported in your journey, you can choose from a series of sessions (major transformations & shifts are possible with this level of commitment) of weekly bodywork, or just an occassional session, according to your needs. It’s very much tailored to your specific needs and issues. A series of treatments usually gives the optimal results.

Here’s how fees are structured:

A single session is $150 and lasts about 90 minutes.

With a package, you could choose an Anti-Ageing Series:

Five sessions of specific processes which target oldings, wrinklings, ageing and stiffening in the body, plus much more.

Or a Freedom from Financial Stress series, or relationship or health or whatever life area was not working for you. Much more than this one area will change, of course! You could also just go with what your body requires at each session!

5 x 90 minute sessions pre-paid in advance – $650 (saving $100)
10 x 90 minute sessions pre-paid in advance – $1350 (saving $150)

“Having Shauna’s bodywork Bars has made all the difference to how I approach my business (I realise I don’t have to work as hard to earn the same money!) , my health (my stress levels have reduced significantly) and my relationships (I communicate more articulately and no longer put up with relationships that don’t suit me). I really do see things clearer and have found that I can act on this clarity in surprisingly powerful ways. I’m keeping with Shauna’s package, that’s for sure.”
Megan Hills, Wordmix, Brisbane

We use a collection of processes developed by Access Consciousness

Here’s just a few! As you scan this list, your body will respond to which process it requires.

What type of bodywork would suit you?

  1. Spring clean yourself – with ‘Access Bars’
    We all have 32 points – or ‘Bars’ – on the head. When one Bar is gently touched and held, beliefs, fears and stuck energy around the particular issue the point relates to are cleared. There are specific Bars for money, sexuality, creativity, control, etc. Having your Bars ‘run’ (i.e. held for clearing) is like deleting all those old files from your computer that prevent it running smoothly. After a session, you will notice negative issues disappearing – replaced by a sense of calm. You are no longer stuck in the past. From this point, it is easier to create the life you would like to live. Book here for a ‘Spring clean yourself’ session
  2. Re-charge your system – with ‘MTVSS’
    This bodywork is brilliant for your immune system. It also benefits your electrical systems, metabolic rate of cells, digestive system and respiratory system. Like all Access bodywork, this process involves hands gently placed on the body and held. It feels fantastically relaxing and is extremely powerful.20 Mtvss sessions means your body can start to look, feel and function as it was designed to do – full of vitality, youthful exuberance and freedom. Book here for ‘a Re-charge your system’ session
  3. Connect with your body
    This bodywork is particularly helpful if you feel somehow disconnected from -or uncomfortable with – your body. Again, gentle hand positions are held on the body. Book here for a ‘Connect with your body’ session
  4. Have an Energetic Facelift
    By-pass chemical cosmetic products for an enjoyable natural facelift instead. This bodywork rejuvenates the skin and tissues of the face, upper chest, throat and neck. Book here for a ‘Have an energetic facelift’ session
  5. Heal and nurture your skin
    Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it is important to give it the nurturing it needs. This bodywork process is for any skin condition, including: ageing, eczema, psoriasis, scarring and more. Book here for a ‘Heal and nurture your skin’ session
  6. Release feelings of overload – with ‘Restoration of Communion with Earth’
    Our bodies are constantly aware of – and responding to – all happenings on the planet at any given time. Sometimes we need to energetically reconnect with the earth to release a natural feeling of ‘overload’. Book here for a ‘Release feelings of overload’ session – great for sore feet!

These are only some of the processes available

Others deal with toxicity in the body, DNA issues, post-traumatic stress, fat storage, eating issues, rejuvenation and anti-ageing. etc.

There are a whole series of sessions which rejuvenate the body and slow or stop the ageing process.

You can learn the Bars in a one-day workshop.

You can learn to do – the Access Energetic Facelift also in a one-day workshop.

You can learn all the Access Body processes in the Three Day Body Class

Talk to us to find out which type of bodywork will help you best.

Get Postcards of Inspiration from Shauna's Island Direct to Your Inbox