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Club Hedonista Monthly Telecall

Enjoying the Pleasures of Having a Body

What does an orgasmic, juicy living look like?

The wind in your hair, beautiful food that delights and nurtures you, a vitality-filled body, money to do the things you'd like to do...? What if it includes the earth, the animals and the people, too?

What if it was as easy as relaxing on a tropical beach without a care in the world?

This is HEDONISM - the capacity to enjoy the pleasure of embodiment - and when you have that - the world around you begins to change.

Hedonism has had a bad reputation! But we are looking at it from a completely different angle. It's actually based on gratitude and living life in the moment, while aware of the future.

"Hedonism is the willingness to experience the orgasmic quality of the joy and fun of living. It is constant pleasure seeking – every moment of every day. It is the willingness to make your life a pleasure instead of a pain.

When you are willing to live your life from a hedonistic pleasure place, your life begins to work in ways it never has before, because you are living for the joy of it, not for what you have to accomplish, what you have to do, or for the purpose of it." Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness

 This is what my Island is all about, and Club Hedonista is a monthly pleasure cruise (that's tele call!) to create that! For a very long time, people have been working the "no pain no gain' paradigm - working hard and over-riding the body. What if your body was actually the key to change - not just personally, but for the whole planet? 

And the key to it all? Being able to relax your body and unhook your mind!

Club Hedonista members receive:

  • 60 minute, interactive (you can ask questions) Tele call every month on enjoying the pleasures of having a body - anti ageing, money flows, creating great relationships and much more – including MP3 recording
  • Private sessions are $125 for Club members ($275 usual fee)
  • Shauna's unique Energy Flows are part of the call - a kind of guided meditation using energy flows.
  • One free private one-hour session with Shauna, (value $250) when you take a 12 month membership ($350 in advance, saving $70)

The next Club Hedonista® call is Thursday 16th March 2017.

Your first month is free when you register! (You can unsubscribe at any time)

It's interactive - so bring your questions, bring your contribution, what do you know?

Monthly - $35 USD/AUD recurring payment: 

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Annual Membership - $350 USD/AUD Register Here

We honour Access Consciousness' world pricing, contact Shauna for details.

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