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Would an Infinite Being Get a Hangover?

Shauna Teaken - Monday, December 21, 2015

No!!!!! so why should we?

Christmas should be about having a great time enjoying the pleasures of life – food, drink, friends , family, parties, dinners and holidays. It often isn’t!! It can be super stressful and busy and not happy for our bodies at all.

So how to enjoy the pleasures without the pains?

I love Gary Douglas’ of Access Consciousness take on enjoying living – and it’s become my target – what if the point of having a body was to enjoy all this wonderful earth has to offer – and that includes the silly season?

If you are willing to be in tune with your body and the earth, a different possibility for peace and happiness is created for everybody.

So here’s some simple steps that could make your Xmas season not only more enjoyable, but also contribute to ‘peace on earth’.

  • Take time to be outdoors, and connect with the earth, the trees, the sky. This could be having your morning cuppa outside on the patio. Expand out and breathe!
  • Do some movement your body loves – it doesn’t have to be huge – walking, dancing in your lounge room, swimming. Bodies are perpetual motion machines and thrive on movement!
  • Make a choice “I’m not eating any food that’s not orgasmic!” I said ORGASMIC not ORGANIC! This means asking your body before eating what it would like!
  • Enjoy ‘hunger’ – sometimes bodies don’t require food at all! What we call hunger is often times energy moving – bodies like that spaciousness. You have to ask your body, because “hungry’ doesn’t always mean food is required. Many times your body may prefer a drink – a juice, smoothie or water. ASK!
  • When you eat, take a bite and savour it – allow those conscious molecules of the food to delight and tantalise your mouth. Have three mouthfuls of each food on your plate, and be aware of each one. You may be surprised to find that 9 or 12 mouthfuls are all you require! If the food you’re eating is truly orgasmic for your body – it satisfies!
  • With wine or beer or other alcohol, enjoy the taste until it changes, and then stop. The minute it tastes not good, stop drinking. It’s your body letting you know that’s enough.

If you do over indulge, thank your body for putting up with you, and then become aware of the edges of your energy and expand out. Allow your energy to go beyond the room you’re in, way, way out. The more you expand, the more oneness and communion with the earth you’ll be and the more ease your body can have.

What would it take to have more fun this Xmas than any so far?

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