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What on Earth are the Elementals?

Shauna Teaken - Friday, October 10, 2014

Clue: Not a new heavy metal band.

Hint: They may be the key to open your ‘lock’.

This has nothing to do with astrology, Chinese medicine or mineral supplements and everything to do with your creative, free and authentic self.

I once did a reading for a busy accounts exec who had a super job she loved, which challenged her on many levels. She had recently developed a great relationship, was making good money – but, what was the inner, indefinable ‘missing’ thing?

During the course of our session and after some clearings, I asked her:
 “Where & when are you most happy, most ‘you’?

It all spilled out in a rush as she said “Near water, I love to be near water – the sea, a creek a river – I don’t care – I come alive and it’s what I love and I crave it!”

She absolutely lit up as she talked about how much it meant to her and how she never made time for it anymore.

It was what she said next that was astonishing. 
“In fact, if I feel I haven’t worked hard enough or done well enough, I deny myself water – going away on holidays, swimming in it, even drinking it!”

AHA! That made perfect no-sense at all!

So I asked next, ‘Are you a water elemental?” and she blurted out: “I have no idea what that is, but the answer is YES!“ and burst into tears.

Something in her very core was aligned to water, and being in and around natural water spots fulfilled, nourished and replenished that core. It was easy to see that scheduling weekends and holidays regularly was going to help -

But! Something deeper had happened here. We had uncovered a mystical, magical side of her that had lain dormant since childhood, and the reason why no matter how successful her life appeared, something was always missing.

In further discussion it appeared she had dismissed her childhood beliefs and connections with the magical and mystical as just that – childish fantasies. This realisation led to some fresh changes and perspectives.

The seemingly conflicted parts of her desires and requires – to be successful, to have a good relationship and to spend time near a watersource could in fact be integrated and blended. Later, she and the new man sold up and moved to a country property with it’s own creek and waterholes. She negotiated to continue her job online from home!

I have employed a similar process with many, many people. Some have air affinities, some fire and others earth. They may attach words like faerie, angel, sylph or even mermaid to these concepts, but that’s not what counts.

What matters is that accepting and acknowledging a magical, free and nature-linked part of you, immediately brings a sense of relief, of lightness and sometimes ‘coming home’.

Many things begin to fall into place easily. It’s a little like recapturing the fun, magic and joy of childhood, at a new evel.

It actually takes a lot of energy to constantly ignore inner callings to connect with your mystical nature, your higher self, or inner guidance – however you like to think of it.

Don’t misunderstand me – the people I work with are not alternate, ‘hippy-dippy’ types of people. They are usually successful, hard working executives, accountants, teachers, business owners – all leading very ‘normal’ lives.

They had come to me, I believe, because ‘something else’ was niggling away at them. Doing, doing, doing wasn’t providing all the juice they had hoped.

For these people a part of their being resonated very strongly to a realm or dimension not considered ‘real’or valid in our modern world.

In not being able to express this hidden portion of self, they had shut down much of their creative, joyous, expressive natures.

Tapping back in to your Elemental or magical self provides a key to:

  • deepening your connection to nature & with your body
  • accessing your free, uninhibited and creative self who can provide amazing solutions to all kinds of problems you may be facing
  • a sense of belonging, perhaps for the first time.
  • sensing these magical realms around you and in other people.

So, which Elemental or Magical being are you?

You may be a combination of several!

Working together in a private consultation, we can discover your elemental affinities and get them working for you.

For more info on the ‘Magical Self’ Session – click here

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