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What if You Could Re-grow Your Own Teeth?

Shauna Teaken - Sunday, April 12, 2015

And never need another filling?

What if our bodies are capable of growing 3 or 4 sets of teeth in our lifetime?

What if I told you there’s a micro-organism in our bodies that dissipates plaque and calculus, the major causes of periodontal disease and decay in the mouth?

What if gleaming, strong teeth, healthy gums and no cavities was possible for everyone?

The micro-organism lies dormant in most people, can be re-activated and is killed off by certain foods, chemicals and drinks. If you are willing to be aware and ask your body what it knows it can handle, you can begin to work with your body to create optimum health.

These ideas may fly directly in the face of everything we’ve been entrained to believe. Have you heard of people who have no dental fillings, or who have re-grown teeth? I have, and speaking with others, stories abound of the ‘strange’ great- grandma who had dentures and then re-grew her teeth!

It’s all part of what’s truly possible for us and our bodies, if we are willing to look beyond the accepted view of reality.

In a blog post last month, I wrote about the Access Energetic Facelift® technique which uses energies within the body to heal scar tissue, wrinkles, sun damage and general ageing/deterioration.

There’s another range of techniques specifically for the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw developed by American dentist Dr Tom Kolso, in conjunction with the Access Consciousness tools. Its called Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry

I am so excited about what his work means not just for dental health, but for the vitality and longevity of our whole bodies! (I am currently trying to persuade him to come to Australia to teach his System – stay tuned!) Meanwhile, I’m using the techniques on myself & clients in my bodywork practice.

Here's a link to Dr Tom's website,  -

There are free downloads of interviews with Tom on the website! 

The teeth and longevity connection.

On a purely physical level, the link between gum disease, tooth decay and dis-ease in the whole body has been long established. Energetically, the peridontal cavity - mouth, teeth and jaw - holds many emotional associations – with food, with speech, with sex – and is a major holding point of many limitations and judgements.

There’s much more – but here’s a key I’ll leave you with. Teeth wearing out, breaking down or decaying is part of the whole ‘Bodies are Designed to Age and Die’ paradigm which many people are now questioning. It seems that a healthy periodontal cavity is self-regenerating (you do still need to brush and floss!!) and leads to the choice of a much longer, more vital living! I’m so there!




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