The Joy of Embodiment

The Gentle Art of Beach Combing

Shauna Teaken - Sunday, February 07, 2016


Ever taken a 'Passion Test'?

You know those questionnaires designed to help you find out what job or career you're best suited for?

You start by listing all the things you adore doing and go from there.

Trouble is, Beachcombing was always top of my list. Wandering along a (preferably) deserted beach at low tide, picking up shells, beach glass and whatever treasures the tide has washed up is my ideal space/place. I've found coins, seahorses, a lobster (below!) even giant sea turtles (dead, sadly) washed up.

I always think "What treasures will the sea gift me today that nobody else will find?"

This activity gives me the connectedness with the earth, the sea, the sky and the space to be me that I crave.

Two things about it, though -

How the heck do you make a career out of that? How much actual time can you spend walking on the beach - I mean, seriously?

Shauna Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore?

I could cover little boxes with shells, make wind-chimes out of driftwood, or maybe learn to paint seascapes. Gorgeous, but do-able?

I have a confession to make - I have actually made the sea change twice in my life. Sold up. Once to quite a remote place where I could go beach combing and never see another person at all. I got horribly bored. I found amazing stuff, though.

And now I don't get to the beach so often. But I have become a beachcomber in a different way. The earth gifts to you in a city, on a bus, anywhere!

So now, not just when I can get away to the beach and not specifically as a business, but as part of the business of enjoying living.

I ask everyday - what amazing treasures does today have for me?

And, what would it take to be the energy of sky, sea and spaciousness in any moment?

What interesting flotsam and jetsam can wash up on my shore today?

For me, a 'ruined' shell, even a dead sea creature has beauty. A broken piece of a lemonade bottle becomes green sea glass, worn by the sea to a smooth loveliness.

Here's a bowl of some more of my finds. Nothing perfect here!

And life is constantly throwing us imperfect treasures - people, trees, events, animals, things. Noticing them is a gift, both to you and them!

I can pick and choose what I put in my collection! I can have gratitude for that iridescent lobster, so freshly sparkling at my feet, and my day and my being expands. Thank you, beautiful!

So what thing do you adore doing, that maybe you've judged as impractical, time wasting or not a contribution to your life, body and money flows, that if you indulged the feel of it, might change everything?

Where do you see the beauty and magnificence that other people miss?
What would it take to have the energy of that special activity in any moment?

I recorded this quick Energy Exercise Class especially for you - 'The Space Of Sky & Sea' - (kind of a guided meditation) that might do the trick! (7 minutes)

EEC The Sea, the Sky & Spaciousness.MP3

What would it take to begin asking: What amazing treasures can I find today?

About Shauna Teaken I'm a self-confessed hedonist and inveterate beachcomber - a seeker of what makes life and living fun and joyful. I've been working/playing in the fields of business, body work and relationships for over 35 years. I'm an Access Consciousness Facilitator, Three Day Body Class Facilitator and business coach. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I travel, write and enjoy working with people to access their own unique capacities, brilliance, and creativity with youthful bodies, relationships that work and phenomenal businesses.
I am also the world wide co-ordinator for Happy Mouth, Generative Energetic Dentistry.
Shauna's Island is how people can access my blog, classes and sessions.

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