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The beauty of travel...

Shauna Teaken - Friday, March 16, 2018


Up until last year, I had not travelled outside of Australia before, except to New Zealand, so for me to travel alone for weeks at a time has been quite interesting! I’ve had to change and adapt in ways I could not have imagined.
For one thing, time does not have the same power of limitation anymore – sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry has become my motto. It's just a choice!

For someone like me, who’s always been ‘hypersensitive’ or ‘high strung’ - it’s been daunting, challenging and fabulous all at once!

Tokyo was a complete surprise. I had visions of thousands of people crowding the streets, of constant noise and pollution. What I found was order, rules, neatness, tiny attention to details, and yes, the vastness of the city, (38 million people), which could all be suffocating, but there is an underlying dedication to aesthetics in everything. I did not feel pressured or anxious at all.

But then, on my way from the airport to my hotel, I left my laptop on the bus. Oh my goodness! "My whole business is in that computer!" I thought! My Japanese host reassured me, it will be fine, in Japan people are very honest. She was correct. My Mac went to Yokohama and back quite safely, and Emiko travelled hours by train to retrieve it for me. No trouble! 

Aesthetics is the awareness that beauty nourishes the Being & the Body at a deep level. And beauty is not a ‘surface’ thing.

From the array of little ceramic dishes on my lacquered breakfast tray, each containing delicious foods of a different form, colour, taste and texture; to the view of the tiny garden outside the window, where even the trees have been trained and supported to grow in shapes pleasing to the eye, this culture has a consciousness, some might say spirituality, which draws you to connect with nature even in the middle of a city. And it is soothing and delightful at the same time.

I walked through twisty, winding backstreets of the city with a mix of small apartment buildings and boutique shops. Even though it was late winter, flowers bloomed in every available space, and old trees and gnarled vines, bare at present, featured in tiny gardens, sometimes on top of garages or on terraces. 


So how can we create environments which nurture the body, the being and the earth, as we move forward in an increasingly fast, busy and crowded world?  Even in small living space, it's possible to create spaciousness, an energy of nurturance, and a delight to the eye. Indoor plants can do that, as can arranging furniture in a way that is harmonious and choosing colours that resonate with you personally. And it doesn't take stacks of cash. I've bought book cases, a bureau and dining suite at a fraction of their original cost secondhand. Fashions change rapidly and people will get rid of quality items at little cost if you are willing to look.

Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness ( says that the way food is arranged invitingly on a plate so that the colours, shapes and textures are aesthetically pleasing, can actually nurture the body more than the energy value of the food! That's an easy thing to do to nurture yourself.

It has taken about many years for my business and life to blossom. As I turn 60 this year, I can definitely say that it’s never too late to do what you’ve always dreamed off, to start a new business or an adventure! Each culture I have visited so far has enriched my life and living in ways I could not have imagined, going far beyond 'tourism' and simply 'seeing the sights'.



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