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Happy Bodies and the Fountain of Youth

Shauna Teaken - Monday, September 22, 2014

For years I've been searching...

for the "Fountain of Youth" - the key to halting ageing and rejuvenating bodies, to living for a long time in a healthy, vital body. Mostly, it's been a pretty cruisey voyage! Guineau-pigging massage, meditation and bliss on one's self is pretty cool as a way of life!

Somehow I managed to keep slogging away at it. I just knew it ought to be possible.
This self-less quest has led me through many careers, businesses and much study. From being a massage therapist, a fitness instructor, meditation teacher, and much more. I dropped out and made the 'Sea Change' back in the eighties, long before it became fashionable, and came back to city life again.

I started out thinking (back when I was 20) that surely if you just kept in good shape and ate 'right' that would be enough to stay young.
It seemed to work for some people, clearly not for some others! Some people with young looking bodies were not happy, or not relaxed and easy going, and sometimes they died young anyway!

I found there was a key here - when I did exercise I enjoyed, my body responded.

When I ate what I was drawn to, I thrived. When I tried diets, I rebelled! So I went to Uni to do a degree in Physical Education. I found they knew a lot about how bodies work, but very little about individual bodies. The same exercise, diet, training does not suit every body.

Then, I was led to explore the 'power of the mind' - I learnt various systems like Creative Visualisation, and the Silva Mind method. I was looking for ways to stop the 'busy brain' and develop more intuition, and how to achieve my goals. Some of the time it worked really well, but overall not much changed in my life. The mind isn't the answer, more of a hindrance, I found. I needed to get beyond thinking and analysing!

I realised that if you meditated and learned to relax, that would assist too. So I learned lots of different meditation techniques and meditated sometimes twice daily, for years. I've meditated sitting up, lying down, with a crystal tied to my forehead, under water (in a float tank, actually) and every which way. There was a key here - it was about energy. Being relaxed and feeling good was a key.

And, if you could bypass the mind, sometimes magic happened.
Increased awareness led to increased psychic awareness and I read, studied practiced everything I could find about this. I worked as a psychic for a few years.

I thought that if you used alternate healing therapies that would be another approach, (so I studied herbal medicine, and massage therapy and deep tissue muscle therapy, and naturopathic nutrition.) Sometimes this was exactly what bodies required, but other times 'normal' medicine was required. How to know which, when? I wondered.

Perhaps childhood experiences and/or past traumas were a key? If you offloaded all your past traumas and emotional blah surely that would contribute? So I took every personal growth course I could find through the 80's, 90's and noughties. Hmmm - 'feeling your feelings' seemed to just lead to more feelings and not a lot more happy ones!

I kept going on my quest. My life was often filled with soap-opera like drama. Divorce, business failures, major car crash blah blah blah. You know the sort of thing.

Five years ago, after I had seen over 1,000 people for private readings in a short space of time, and I developed a big case of burn out - emotional, physical, mental and financial exhaustion. A friend suggested that I try Access Bars sessions. I was sceptical that this could assist me, as I thought I'd seen and done everything.
I lay on her couch while she gently touched different points on my head.
I found that within the first few minutes of a session, I was in the relaxed space of a very deep meditation, while being totally aware of my surroundings. And, unlike most meditations, this state lasted for increasingly longer periods of time. At first, just the day of the session, then a day or two and then days at a time. My life began to change - I got well, my finances improved dramatically as did my relationships.

Now?I teach Access Bars® and much more!

Over time it's become obvious to me that no set of rules, formulae, plans or protocols will lead me to the Fountain of Youth - no particular organic or raw food, not juices, herbs, vitamins, exercise. Although my body may require any of these at any particular moment.

but another possibility is showing up!

Happy bodies!

How do you get a happy body?
* You talk to your body -

you say 'Thanks for putting up with me, body" and "I'm not imposing what I think you need anymore, what would you like in order to be the happy, vital, flexible, luscious body you could be?"

* Move your body

Bodies love and thrive on movement. Find what your body loves to do - walk, swim, cycle, dance and do it! Everyday find a way to get outdoors even if for just a few minutes and move that body!

* Eat only orgasmic food

That's ORGASMIC not ORGANIC! Bodies know what they like and exactly what they require (usually much less than what we shove in.) If you ask your body, it knows just what it would like to look and feel happy. One day it might be 'junk' food, the next day fruit. It's about being able to be present with eating, not using food as a substitute or drug.

* Touch and be touched with gentleness and caring.

You have to be prepared to romance your body, like you would a lover. What does your body like?

Yep, it's all about your relationship with your body. The relationship which is the key to all other relationships -
you and money
you and your partner, lover, friends and family.
you and your career or business.

And all these areas begin to improve as you develop the relationship with you and your body.

So where do you start?

Start with the easy part - the body work. I use Bars or any of the 50-odd other Access Body Processes.You lie fully clothed on a massage table while gentle hand placements on the head and/or body activate your body's own healing processes. It feels delicious. More than that, you are actually clearing away all the past limitations, beliefs, experiences as you relax. It's like a getting a computer de-frag and disc clean up for your brain. For me this is what's beyond meditation. I no longer meditate, I have a Bars session regularly.

The more of these processes I have run on me and I run on others, the more relaxation, vitality and youthful energy shows up in my body. The less tiredness, stress and illness shows up.That's actually what I was searching for! Enjoyment of life at any age!!
(And I thought I would discover how to 'turn back the clock' !!!)

What's the hard part?

Getting to the point where you've had enough judging you, struggling with tiredness, illness, weight, financial stress or whatever and then, choosing something different.

So here it is - how to get a happy body - follow the pleasure.
You can choose from evening classes, weekend workshops, private sessions - I've made it really easy.

Rejuvenate Now one-day workshops.

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