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Goin' Surfin'

Shauna Teaken - Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Do you have down days where you just feel like chucking it all in and going surfing? Even if you don’t surf, have never surfed and you live a million miles from the surf?
I do!
You’re riding high, feeing great and then boom! It feels like you’ve gone five steps back and been totally deluded about yourself and life in general.
When no matter how many great classes, books, telecalls & people enthuse and uplift you, you inevitably come crashing down at some point?
Me too!
I made a discovery a few months back, when somebody described this rollercoaster ride in terms I could relate to. It was Dain Heer at class I was in, and it was about surfing, and it changed everything.

You see, back in the day, I did surf!
In my mid teens & for quite a few years some girl friends and I took the courageous step of getting surf boards and learning to surf. Back in the mid-1970’s ‘chicks’ didn’t surf. It was ok to ride a surf mat – a kind of inflated mattress, but not an actual surfboard. We were laughed at and judged a lot!

Anyhow it was exciting and fun and scary and very daunting!
But I just loved it, and once you make it ‘out the back’, past the breaking waves, you just float in the blue, quiet water and wait. It’s very still, very quiet and filled with possibilities. You know a ‘set’ of waves is coming and you wait. It always comes!

Here’s the thing I discovered:


Getting through the whitewash, paddling really hard and getting waves dumping on you can be exhausting. You get strong muscles, though!

Then that space when you make it out the back is the trough, the dip between the waves. You might think nothing is happening, you might get afraid of what’s coming. It's tempting to stay there!

But you have to remember what you're there for - the thrill & speed of riding the waves & not letting them pass you by.

The Trough
In life, we can judge this as nothing is happening, nothing has worked, all the hard yards have been for nothing. Maybe you'll just stay here forever! But as a surfer, you know a wave is always on the way.

And when you paddle hard and match the speed of an oncoming wave and catch it WOOHOO!
And then it starts again that, cycle of moving forward to what you really want…


Trouble is, we forget!!!! We get busy, stressy, snarky and pissy. We get tired. We think we've lost it. That's the trough, the space between the waves.

And then along comes a set of waves of delightful yumminess and whippeeee - we're surfin' again! There's always another set coming. There's always a trough.
But if you know it's a trough, a waiting, a pause, you can relax and not judge you or it. It's the acoustical wave-like motion of the Earth, our bodies, our being.
You can actually relax and enjoy this space.

So, me? I'm going surfing' - whether I'm doing the hard yards and getting dumped on, hanging motionless in limbo or riding high - woohooo bring it on! Care to join me?

I'll be travelling lots in the next few months so the Island postcards might be erratic and from odd locations - stand by!!!

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