A daily Energy Flows exercise to match the frequency of gold.

Gold is the essence of healing, abundance and possibility.

It has long been treasured for it's rarity, physical beauty and malleability for use in coinage, jewellery, clothing, and adornment of all kinds. It has been the standard of wealth on planet earth for many thousands of years.

But it is the frequency or vibration of gold that holds its true value.

Every day for 30 days, you will receive a video and the audio of an energy exercise of around 5-10 minutes, using the frequency of gold energy which resonates with the physical body for health and relaxation, with the earth for healing, nurturing and creativity and with MONEY!

We will take the gold vibration deep into the cells of the body for healing, to expand receiving of abundance and nurturing energies and to contribute to the earth.

If you can match the frequency of GOLD, you can have GOLD.

You can try an Energy Flows right here 

"Anything you can Be, you can Have." - Gary Douglas



"How many frequencies of gold are you denying to keep you from having the gold you are desiring?

If gold is your minion and gold is healing and gold is abundance and gold is possibility, what have you defined it as that it isn’t?" -


Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness

About Energy Flows:

Energy Flows are deeply relaxing, yet increase your awareness and ability to be present, and your capacities to pull, flow and be energy. This dynamically expands your capacity to create the future you desire with your body, your business, creativity, relationships and with the earth.

Being Gold - 30 Days of Energy Flows to Increase Health, Wealth and Happiness






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