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I’m a self-confessed hedonist – a seeker of what makes life and living fun and joyful. I’ve been working/playing in the fields of business, body work and relationships for over 36 years. I’m an Access Consciousness Facilitator, 3 Day Body Class Facilitator and the World Wide Coordinator for Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I travel, write and enjoy working with people to access their own unique capacities, brilliance, and creativity with youthful bodies, rejuvenation and much more. Shauna’s Island is how people can access my blog, classes and sessions.

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Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken is a self confessed Hedonist – a seeker of easy, fun ways to enjoy living in ways that contribute to others and the planet. A visionary and leader in business, body work and relationships.



I’m Shauna Teaken, and I started work in the health and fitness industry in 1978. My target was always to find a way to rejuvenate bodies. After many years of working with thousands of women, I know that having a lovely body which you adore is not about the ‘right’ food, exercise, discipline, will power or even genetics. It’s not about surgery, botox or pills or potions.

It’s not about how old or young you are, either!

In short, I’ve spent decades observing women struggle with their weight, body shape and society’s expectations (and their own) as they try to create their ‘perfect’ body, or even just a better body. As they tried to create great intimate relationships, or feel worthy of one. I’ve been self employed in about 20 businesses in that time, too. Not all successful!

Through all of these years I’ve explored diets, exercise, massage therapies, meditation techniques and beauty products. I ran my own successful fitness business in Sydney’s eastern suburbs; worked in exclusive health clubs as a fitness trainer; studied Physical Education at tertiary level; had a natural health centre and Guinea -pigged a lot of diets and regimes on myself!

  I found Dr Tom Kolso's Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry a few years ago when I was having some pretty awful teeth issues. I quickly realised that this system of activating your body's dormant systems to regrow teeth, gums and bone was much more that - it's about YOUTHENING the body.  I'm now the world wide coordinator and a facilitator of Happy Mouth. (More about it here)

Juvenation – Who says bodies have to age?

I have developed a unique kind of guided energy exercise called “Energy Flows” which allows the being and the body to commune with the earth in ways that contribute to not only the earth, but an enhanced capacity with health, money and pleasure.

Here's an Energy Flows you can try - Dissipating Toxicity (click on the image)

* What’s Beyond Meditation? My number one anti-ageing, de-stressing, relaxation therapy is called “the Bars” – and you can have private sessions, or learn the technique yourself in a one-day workshop. More info here

*  Private Sessions - an "Hour of Power" !!

* Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry - Changing tooth decay and gum health 

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