Commencing Wednesday Oct 24th.

Each day, Shauna will guide you through an Energy Flows - her unique form of energy exercise, a kind of guided meditation, to work with generating and creating a healthy mouth.  Covering not just physical oral health, but the energy beneath it!


* plump, pink and healthy gums as the foundation of tooth and body health;
* Strong, healthy teeth;
* rejuvenating & regenerating teeth, gums, bone & nerves;
* tongue - are you having the deliciousness of life?;
* no more clenching, grinding and jaw pain.

Each Energy Flows will be live-streamed to a private facebook group (and an unlisted Youtube channel) plus the audio track will be emailed to all participants daily.

 Each Energy flows will be around 5 minutes, but as always you'll be able to download and use them whenever you feel like relaxing, resting or regenerating your body. The mouth is the gateway to the health of the whole body, and we will be exploring using the body's natural healing and generative capacities to change gum, teeth and bone health, as well as overall health and rejuvenation.

Fees: $97USD

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