Your Invitation to a More Enjoyable Life

What would make your life more enjoyable?

Less stress, more relaxation?

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Or more money?

Maybe more time?

Connecting with nature?

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The Pleasure of Embodiment

Using Energy Flows to Change Anything

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Shauna Teaken - Your Island Guide

Welcome to my island! While we can't all live on a tropical island, far from rush, rush, rush and nurtured by luscious nature - that energy of relaxation and vitality can be available anytime, anywhere.  I have developed "Energy Flows" - a kind of guided energy exercise, to do just that! 

What if your body could regenerate and rejuvenate? Grow new teeth or gums?  And what if you being happy, was the greatest contribution to the earth and other people?  Here's a free sample of Energy Flows - "7 Days To Rejuvenate" audio or video series

You can read the article in Holistic Bliss magazine about Shauna "The Happy Mouth Girl and Living a Joyful Life" by clicking the image.

Island Transformations

Urbane Mystics

What if there were no 'clash' between having money and elegant living and contributing to the earth and the growth of consciousness and healing?..

Island Transformations

Private Change Sessions with Shauna

Have you struggled to identify just what your unique talents and capacities are? Could you be using them against you, rather than to your advantage? And/or, those hobbies or interests you adore could be your hidden goldmine! So how does that work? I've worked with many people who ha..

Island Transformations

Generative Energetic Dentistry - Re-Grow teeth?

Shauna is world-wide coordinator for Happy Mouth™ Generative & Restorative Energetic Systems for Healing developed by Dr Tom Kolso. If you'd like some free audios talking about this revolutionary system go to ( and ch..

Island Transformations

30 Days of Energy Flows

The next 30 Days of Energy Flows (/gold) begins soon! (

Island Adventures

What if You Could Re-grow Your Own Teeth?

What if our bodies are capable of growing 3 or 4 sets of teeth in our lifetime? What if I told you there’s a micro-organism in our bodies that dissipates plaque and calculus, the major causes of periodontal disease and decay in the mouth?
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What on Earth are the Elementals

Clue: Not a new heavy metal band. Hint: They may be the key to open your ‘lock’. This has nothing to do with astrology, Chinese medicine or mineral supplements and everything to do with your creative, free and authentic self. I once did a reading for a busy accounts exec...
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